100% development finance
facilitated by JaeVee

As your collective joint venture partner; JaeVee raises 100% development finance for every
profitable property development you find in the UK, enabling you to earn up to
50% of the profit without dipping into your own pocket.

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Joint venture property
development structure

Joint venture property developments are predominantly structured by three stakeholders; a developer, landowner and private equity investor who form a partnership.

This includes structuring an agreement about the objectives, rights, responsibilities and profit share of each partner before setting up an SPV.

As simple as it sounds, reaching the potential of a profitable opportunity mainly depends on finding diligent partners. That's why JaeVee has created a platform that simplifies and safeguards the whole process.




Homes currently in the UK 1

Homes need to be built per year 2

Shortfall of homes built in 2016/17 3

With the UK Government falling short of their targets for delivering housing stock, there has never been a better time to get into property development - join the revolution, join JaeVee and get Britain building!

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100% jv development finance models

The main benefit of joint venture financial models

If you don't have enough skin in the game but you've unearthed a profitable opportunity, joint ventures are the best option for you to purchase, build and exit - without dipping into your own pocket.

How is 100% jv finance raised?

We combine senior with mezzanine debt which equals 90% of the overall project costs. 10% is reserved as an investment opportunity for private equity investors registered to our online equity platform.

What is the property developers share of the profit?

We offer two funding models. The 40% model allows you to appoint a project manager with shares divided into a 40/40/20 split; 40% to the developer, 40% to equity investors and 20% to JaeVee.

Whereas the 50% model is on the basis JaeVee project manages the development with shares divided into a 50/40/10 split; 50% to the developer, 40% to equity investors and 10% to JaeVee. Calculate the potential profit.

What is the development scheme funding criteria?

We're interested in both property development and let & hold joint venture opportunities, enabling experienced property developers with excellent track records. View funding criteria checklist.

How to create a joint venture?

It starts with you emailing us the feasibility of your project and then; of the 12 simplified steps, JaeVee pretty much covers them all including the boring stuff. View the simpliflied steps.

Joint venture partnership examples

JaeVee celebrated it's second birthday in February, 2020! Up until then we'd raised £2.2m equity to fully fund many projects, with 1 now live for investors and more in the pipeline.

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What type of projects and areas do we invest in?


A systemised joint venture property platform

Return On Investment

Return On Investment

Our minimum ROI varies between 10-20%, depending on the exit strategy.



On or off the market, sales memo, exchanged, has an option or a delayed completion; we're interested. We can agree a price based on today's market value for landowners too.

Exit Turnaround Time

Exit Turnaround Time

We’re happy with the exit turnaround being within 6-60 months of the successful property purchase.

Administration and Paperwork

Administration and Paperwork

Everything managed from the initial purchase through to the construction and finally the successful exit helping to spark your entrepreneurial side.

Quick Decisions

Quick Decisions

An Agreement In Principle (AIP) can be provided within 3-5 days.



100% means 100%! Stamp, legals, insurances and all other associated soft costs are covered. The joint venture is structured to protect your profit and interests.

Exit Strategies

Multiple Exit Strategies

We provide 3 exit strategy products. They are Sell for Profit, Rinse & Repeat and Let & Hold.

Project Management

Project Management

You remain at the helm. We are there for project management support when you need us and leave you alone when you don't.

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