We Find. We Buy. You Build.

As your collective joint venture partner; JaeVee is a property developer
that jointly ventures with main contractors
to deliver predominantly residential development schemes in the UK.

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If you’re a main contractor with a site ripe for property development, JaeVee will acquire the site, progress the designs and then provide you with a full set of Employers Requirements to build and bring the scheme to life. In return, you can earn up to 10% of the development profits in addition to building on market construction rates under JCT design and build terms.

Yes, you read that correctly. We will reward you as a main contractor with 10% of the development profits on the basis you deliver on time and to budget making JaeVee your ideal joint venture property development partners.

Benefits of Joint Ventures with JaeVee

As a main contractor, have you often thought to yourself you’re doing all the hard work to bring a developer’s scheme to life yet you’re not enjoying all the fruits the developer makes?

That’s where JaeVee comes in with our modern and forward thinking way of making property development profitable for all parties. As an upcoming national property developer, we’ve created a platform to enable joint ventures with main contractors on a mass scale.

We find the sites, we buy the sites and then you build them for market construction prices (something you’re already doing), with the added benefit that you can earn 10% of the development profits for delivering on time and to budget.

In our role as the property developer, we take care of all the administration, from SPV setup and project management, through to technical designs and more.

Bring your wealth of experience as a main contractor and introduce local development site opportunities you may be aware of and in return, JaeVee will acquire the site with it’s network of private equity so you can bring that scheme to life.

Have you found a site but you don’t wish to build it and instead sell it to JaeVee?
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Homes currently in the UK 1

Homes need to be built per year 2

Shortfall of homes built in 2016/17 3

With the UK Government falling short of their targets for delivering housing stock, there has never been a better time to get into property development - join the revolution, work with JaeVee and get Britain building!

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Main contractors share of profit

The main contractor can earn 10% of the property development profit for delivering the project on time and to budget!

How to start a joint venture?

With over 1,000 private joint venture equity and mezzanine investors registered to our platform, all you need to do is email us the feasibility of the project and then; of the 12 simplified steps, JaeVee pretty much covers them all including the boring stuff. View the simplified steps.

What are the criterias of property developments you’re looking for?

We're interested in property development opportunities with planning permission from 5 to 30 dwelling schemes. Even if the site doesn’t yet have planning permission, we will look at it. If you’re a main contractor, it’s important you have experience in delivering similar schemes whilst possessing a strong balance sheet. View funding criteria checklist.

Examples of joint ventures

JaeVee celebrated its third birthday in February, 2021! Up until then we'd raised £5m equity to fully fund several projects, with 4 now live for investors and more in the pipeline. It’s from those achievements that we decided to evolve our model so that we only joint venture with main contractors, as opposed to with SME property developers. View our portfolio.

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What type of projects and areas do we invest in?

Features of a joint venture with JaeVee

A systemised joint venture property platform

Return On Investment

Profit on Costs

Our minimum Profit on Costs when purchasing sites is 20%, pre-finance.



On or off the market, sales memo, exchanged, has an option or a delayed completion; we're interested. We can agree a price based on the gained market value for landowners too.

Exit Turnaround Time

Exit Turnaround Time

We’re happy with the exit turnaround being within 12-60 months of the successful property purchase date.

Administration and Paperwork

Administration and Paperwork

Everything project managed by us from the initial purchase through to the construction and finally the successful exit leaving you as the main contractor to focus on your duties.

Quick Decisions

Quick Decisions

An Agreement In Principle (AIP) can be provided within 3-5 days as to whether we wish to acquire a site for development.



100% means 100%! Stamp, legals, insurances and all other associated soft costs are covered by us. The joint venture is structured so you can earn 10% of the development profits on the basis you deliver on time and to budget.

Exit Strategies

Multiple Exit Strategies

We allow for 3 exit strategies. They are Sell for Profit, Rinse & Repeat and Let & Hold. If one doesn’t work without the other, then we don’t take the risk.

Project Management

Project Management

You remain at the helm from pre-construction through to post-construction. We are there to oversee the project management, there when you need us and leave you alone when you don't.

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