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We're the UK's first facilitator, asset & project manager between property developers, equity investors and senior debt lenders.

Opportunities for All Joint Venture (JV) Partners

As your property partner; we diligently source joint venture property investment opportunities from experienced developers, to provide 100% development finance alongside private investors via our equity platform, building a diverse and profitable portfolio together in the UK.

Property investment deals for joint venture partners in the UK

JV Property

Invest in diverse property equities from £20,000. We've made it simple, we've made it secure and we've given you control.

Investment Opportunities
Get 100% Development Finance for JV properties

JV Finance

100% joint venture financing for every profitable property development found in the UK by experienced developers.

JV Development Finance

What is a joint venture (JV) in property?

Joint venture partnerships are formed when a combination of experience and equity is required from two or more people to initiate a property development. Risks are fundamentally mitigated for private investors and senior debt lenders through a process of due diligence, to reach an understanding of the real market value.

Main benefits of a joint venture

Joint ventures benefit investors looking to diversify their portfolio with multiple streams of income; Developers looking for property investors to raise equity and make a profitable exit without dipping into their own pocket.

Find joint venture (JV) partners

Look no further, JaeVee is your collective of property development joint venture partners. With us you can find 2 deal(s) to invest in right now, and over 1,000 private equity investors interested in experienced property developers.

Our joint venture property agreement offers 40% - 50% of the profit share to the property developer, 40% is allocated to private equity investors and the remaining 10% - 20% goes to the asset manager - JaeVee.

Joint venture with JaeVee.