Welcome to the JaeVee Affiliate Program

Earn a living by introducing main contractors, investors or both to JaeVee.
You Find. We Buy. They Build.

How much could you earn?

How much could you earn?

You can earn fixed uncapped rewards each time you refer a Main Contractor or Investor that successfully enters into a joint venture with JaeVee. Calculate how much you could earn:

Main Contractors

You will receive a fixed 0.50% reward of the total senior debt facility + 0.25% of the purchase price on every project purchased by us via your introduced main contractors.

Total facility


Purchase Price



You will receive a fixed 1% reward on the initial investment paid by your introduced investors into one of our projects.



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How It Works

#1 Create Account

Sign up via the introducer sign up page and activate your account. Proceed through our onboarding process submitting your details and documentation to meet AML and KYC requirements.

Once your account has been approved, you can start introducing new developers and investors.

#2 Introduce Main Contractors & Investors

When they sign up, they will go through the same onboarding process mentioned above.

Once their account has been approved, we'll let you know of any investments and proposals they make through our platform.

#3 Monitor Rewards

Keep up to date with your rewards through your own dashboard.

Whether it's viewing overall stats for all your rewards or reviewing each individual reward. We offer plenty of detail to keep you in the loop.


Everything you need to know in one place

What does total senior debt facility mean?

The total senior debt facility means a combination of both the land loan (purchase price) and build loan (construction cost) for a project.

How is my reward paid?

Rewards are paid directly to the bank account you add to our system. We'll ask you to add one when you sign up.

Is there a cap on rewards?

No, we don't cap rewards. We're firm believers in meritocracy. The harder you work, the greater your rewards.

Why is there only a reward for an investor's first investment?

This is inline with the FCA Handbook. We are only allowed to reward you with the first investment each investor client makes. Thereafter, no further rewards can be issued for the 2nd, 3rd and so on investments made.

When do I receive my rewards?

Rewards are distributed on a per project basis. Once we have completed the purchase of a project, rewards are then allocated accordingly within 7 days.

How many rewards can I obtain?

It all depends on your introduced main contractors and their progress with our system. For example, if a main contractor completes a joint venture with us, we allocate both a fixed 1% of the senior debt facility amount plus an industry first of an additional 0.25% of the purchase price as a reward for the introduction. Basically, the more business you bring to JaeVee, the more commission you can earn. It's a complete win-win for both parties!

How do I know when someone I have introduced completes a purchase?

We'll notify you via email. We have set up triggers throughout our system to inform you of any progress made.

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