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Do I have to invest any of my own money?

No, we provide 100% of the funding for every profitable property investment you find in the UK via our platform.

How are you able to cover all these costs?

It’s to do with the return on capital invested, as long as we can see the capital is secured in either the bricks and mortar or open market value of the property.

How does JaeVee work?

JaeVee stands for a joint venture which is between the lead property developer, equity investors and JaeVee. We mix senior debt with equity with an SPV being formed to act as the borrower. The lead property developer will provide a personal guarantee for the senior debt (which is capped) being that the developer is responsible for delivering the project and ensuring the exit is achieved. The senior debt interest is borne by the SPV as it forms part of the project costs. The net profits, after payment of corporation tax, will be distributed according to each parties shareholding.

What’s in it for JaeVee?

JaeVee is a platform, asset and project manager that provides 100% funding to experienced property developers and housebuilders. In exchange, we receive 20% of the profit upon the exit of the project being realised (whether that's selling or letting). Therefore if you’re not successful, neither are we.

What’s the benefit in using JaeVee?

We provide 100% funding, experience, administration, paperwork, sales progression, and employers agent services in making sure proposed schemes come to life and are delivered. We find good property developers and housebuilders often have more opportunities than funds; this is where JaeVee comes in.

What about if I don’t have any experience in property development?

JaeVee prefers to work with property developers and house builders that are on their second, third, fourth, and fifth + projects. We do however recognise that every expert started out as a beginner so we have put together an online learning platform to help newbies learn about property development. If you are new to property development, you'll need to grow organically starting off with a small scale development, which we'll teach you how to find via our learning platform.

As the property developer or housebuilder what’s my profit share?

You will receive up to 50% of the profit due from the project, be it sale, rental or business income without putting any of your own money in. We do not charge interest on equity; only the senior debt and mezzanine debt facilities charge interest on a utilisation basis. Your minimum share of the profit is 40%.

Am I able to put money in as the property developer?

Yes, you’re able to put in capital towards your project which would result in your shareholding increasing. You're able to do this via our investor platform once the project is available for funding.

Great, how do I send you my proposal?

Once you’ve signed up to JaeVee, you can create and send us proposals via our cloud-based system.

How much does it cost to submit a proposal?

It’s a mere investment on your part of £210+VAT to submit a proposal, which covers our administration fee for reviewing it. It’s also to make sure you’re serious. Upon successful completion of the purchase for your proposed scheme, this fee is refunded to you.

Can I get help submitting a proposal?

Absolutely. Proposal support is on hand and can be requested at anytime.

Can I boost my proposal to the front of the review queue?

Yes. Once you’ve created a proposal there’s an option to boost it to the front of the queue so our investment analysts look at yours first.

What happens if my proposal is rejected?

We’ll notify you, however rather than just rejecting it we tend to offer suggestions on how to get it approved.

Am I able to select my own solicitors?

No. We select the solicitors from our in-house panel. It’s essential we have some processes streamlined to avoid mistakes.

Can I use my own finance broker?

We work closely with finance brokers on a daily basis so if you'd like your broker to refer your scheme to us then please ask them to complete the form on our introducer page.

What type of properties does JaeVee invest in?

We invest in both residential and non-residential schemes. Please review our criteria page for more information.

Will you invest in properties without planning permission?

Ideally, we like to stick to opportunities that have planning permission or permitted development rights. If planning is due to be issued, we will also look at it and potentially approve subject to the planning permission being issued.

Can JaeVee help me with the exit strategy?

Yes. On top of our online learning platform, our in-house project management team can talk you through what you need to do and when you need to do it. It's important to remember we're only successful when you are so it's in both our interests for you to succeed. Whether you're successfully selling or renting and managing properties, we want to see exit strategies achieved within 6-60 months.

So what will JaeVee do from start to finish?

We oversee the lifecycle of the development from start to finish to ensure each scheme achieves an exit. Find out how it works.

Do you have a minimum or maximum GDV?

Essentially, this is dictated by your experience and track record. If you have a track record in delivering 50+ unit schemes, then we will joint venture with you (upon successful due diligence), on 50+ unit schemes. If you have a proven track record delivering 10+ unit schemes, we can support you on your first 20-25+ unit scheme. In terms of individual dwelling sales, we prefer the sales price to be less than £1m+. Unless you're able to demonstrate a regular flow of sales.

What's the minimum return on investment you aim to achieve for each project?

We look for a minimum return on capital of 20% on our Sell for Profit product and 10% on our Let & Hold product. Before you submit your proposal, we will provide you with some headline figures for your consideration.

What timescales do you work within for each project?

We generally look for an exit within 6-60 months, which is measured against total capital in, security, risk and profit margins.

How do you assess property opportunities?

Our investment analysts have predefined due diligence checklists for each property investment type that they work towards. Once the proposal is approved, each property is surveyed in advance of exchange by a RICS Building Surveyor unless you provided a recent survey (dated within the last 3 months) when submitting your proposal.

Who pays for the building survey?

Initially, you will pay for the survey and once we've completed on the purchase, we will reimburse you the amount.

Do I need to live near my project?

Ideally, being that you'll be the lead developer and responsible for delivering the project, we recommend that you live within 50 mile radius of any proposed project.

Am I able to charge project management fees?

It depends on your level of experience. If you have successfully managed projects then you're able to charge 2.5% of the construction costs. This fee is payable across the development programme.

Can JaeVee help me with the project management?

Absolutely. We recognise our property developers and housebuilders are at different stages of their experiences so we provide an in-house RICS qualified project manager to assist you throughout each project.

How long does it take to obtain an approval?

When you submit a proposal it's important to upload all the requested documents in order for JaeVee to validate your proposal. Our service level agreement in reviewing proposals to make decisions is 5 working days from the validation date. Therefore, it's important you respond quickly to our validation email request which will outline any documents needed to validate your proposal.

Upon a proposal being accepted via the execution of our agreement in principle, it can take up to 6 weeks to exchange and complete dependent upon the depth of surveys and legals involved. A Skype or face to face meeting will be required.

What is the structure of the joint venture?

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is created for each venture whereby all parties are protected by holding shares in conjunction with a number of agreements such as a shareholders agreement. Both the profit and any rental or business income generated is distributed according to the shareholding amounts.

Do I need to provide a personal guarantee?

As you're the lead property developer responsible for delivering the scheme, you're required to provide a personal guarantee which is capped at 20% of the senior debt facility amount. On average the total debt amount is around 60-65% of the GDV.

Joint venturing with JaeVee helps to avoid a scenario whereby the senior debt lender calls in your guarantee because we monitor the progress on a monthly basis. Therefore if it appears you're not on schedule, we would step in and take over the project to protect our investors equity.

Will I be credit checked?

As you'll be the lead developer, once you submit a proposal as part of our due diligence process, JaeVee will conduct a credit check to confirm eligibility.

If I don’t want to do the work of the property developer, can I invest equity into a project?

If you’re a high net worth or sophisticated investor, you can invest in the project(s) of your choice via our joint venture equity platform.

What happens when my proposal is accepted?

When your proposal is accepted, an agreement in principle will be issued. This will outline our heads of terms. In order to accept, a £500 commitment fee is payable. This is refundable upon completion of the purchase or should JaeVee withdraw our offer. Should you withdraw, the commitment fee is non-refundable.

Does JaeVee provide an online property development course?

We're currently working to compliment our joint venture business with an online learning management system. As most of our clients are busy people, we decided to give them the opportunity to learn at their own pace, when they want.

The courses will feature explainer text, videos, audibles, quizzes and document templates. It's designed to help those wanting to get into property development. With the option to learn from the comfort of their own home or office. The major USP is that is provides users with a 10 year lifetime pass giving them live updates to the changes in the UK property development market as and when they happen.

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