About JaeVee

Welcome to JaeVee. The disruptive prop-tech business
that is leading the way in revolutionising how people develop,
invest and learn about property.

We're the UK's first facilitator, asset & project manager between property developers, investors and senior debt lenders.

Our platform allows property developers to build more homes and investors to invest in a more diverse portfolio of properties & buy to let opportunities (usually reserved for the super wealthy). Simultaneously, providing senior debt lenders with the peace of mind that JaeVee’s experienced team is on hand to oversee everything.

We don’t see a return until exits are achieved, therefore all parties interests are aligned because we only succeed when you do.

We’ve built a system that manages everything from start to finish (it took 2 years), which is accessible to all parties at all times.

Whether you’re the property developer, investor, senior debt lender or a member of our team you can see anything and everything about the project you’re committed to. This is a unique concept that is transforming the 'skin in the game' property development and investment industry from being stuck in the old way of doing things and embracing a much needed change. Such a disruptive model is being led by a team possessing a collective experience of over 100 years in property & tech and it’s that experience that has created a platform that connects property developers with investors by fostering and enabling profitable property development & buy to let opportunities.

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Our passionate team members

Ben James Smith

CEO and Co-Founder

Daniel Smith

CTO and Co-Founder

Ben Mekie

Non Executive Chairman

Inoka Herathge

Head of Accounts

Elliott Dawes

Head of Acquisitions

Gary Waterton

Head of Contracts

Matthew Metcalf

Head of Debt

James White

Investment Analyst

Alannah Short

Portfolio Manager

Matt Smith

Business Development

Paul Joiner

Business Development

Matt Mason

Investor Relations

Lois Arcari

Digital Content Writer

George Peel

Software Engineer

Ingrid Sladden


Ethan Mathews

Digital Marketing Executive

Our dedicated advisory board

Harry Turnbull

Steven Pardoe

Paul Birch

Malcolm Butler