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developers via the safeguard of JaeVee

The property development crowdfunding platform revolutionising
how people unearth opportunities to invest in diligently
sourced joint venture property investments
in the UK, via the safeguard of JaeVee.

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JaeVee connects experienced property developers with investors by fostering and enabling profitable property development & buy to let opportunities, whilst providing safeguarding measures to protect your funds.

Property Investing Made Simple

We've made it simple, we've made it secure, and we've given you control. Better still, we've created accessibility allowing you to monitor your investment in real time. Just to top that off, you can invest & learn how to build a property development at the same time.


Profitable property development & buy to let opportunities for equity investment


Choose your preferred amount to invest with a click of a button and monitor your investment


You could earn lump sum profits (like a developer would) or generate an income via buy to let properties; or do both


You can invest & learn how to build a property development so you can do it yourself in future, should you wish too.


Within 6-60 months dependant on how you wish to diversify your property portfolio

JaeVee Safeguard

Our Safeguard is an 8 point protection plan, to thoroughly analyse a developments feasibility, ensure that the schedule is adhered to and help mitigate against misuse of funds. Take a look at the 8 points JaeVee Safeguard helps to protect against.


Paying too much for the site

We base the targeted GDV on sold comparables from the last 6 months rather than predicted values. This conservative approach using proven figures, means more confidence and less volatility in the project returns. Just as investors, we get paid once the exit is achieved, so only the most promising projects will be accepted.

Inexperienced developer

We assess the developers experience and track record to ensure that they have suitable experience and knowledge to deliver the scheme. Only the most capable and experienced developers will be considered.

Weak financial analysis

Our experienced acquisitions team carry out an in depth analysis of every proposal using over 100 variables to determine the financial viability of the proposed scheme. We only accept schemes that exceed our profit to cost threshold of 25%. If a proposed scheme does not satisfy all the criteria, it will not be accepted.

Funding with too much leverage

We ensure property investment opportunities are not over leveraged and we utilise contingencies like refinancing a buy to let or commercial mortgage should sales not be achieved.

Developer lifestyle funding

All the project funds are held within the SPV’s bank account, under our control. We only allocate funds specified in the works program. We never allow misuse of funds to support a developer's lifestyle.

Developer not delivering

We have step in rights to complete any project should the property developer not perform or become incapable. This keeps the developer motivated and driven to ensure the development runs to schedule.

Not knowing the project progress

Monthly reviews by RICS qualified project managers, ensure you are kept informed and the project is kept on schedule. As an investor you can ask questions directly to our team regarding any of the monthly updates.

Misunderstanding sales and marketing process

Even when the project construction is completed it still needs to be sold. Our in-house team of experienced property sales agents will market and sell the units. All of our schemes include a minimum of 6 months for selling the units.

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Property Investment

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Homes currently in the UK 1

Homes need to be built per year 2

Shortfall of homes built in 2016/17 3

With the UK Government falling short of their targets for delivering housing stock, there has never been a better time to get into property development - join the revolution, join JaeVee and get Britain building!

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Invest from £20,000 up to £1,000,000+

JaeVee has been built to allow everyone with an interest in property-backed investments to invest from £20,000 up to £1,000,000+

You're in control

Monitor your investments in real time, anywhere, anytime. Sit back and watch our inhouse project managers work with our property development entrepeneurs to achieve the exit and your return on investment.

No hidden Costs

We are firm believers in transparency; all of our fees and costs are disclosed allowing you to see how the numbers work.

Diverse range of property investments

New projects regularly launch to allow you to diversify your portfolio.

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Gain access to projects 7 days prior to the official launch date, which means 7 days before our non-prestige investors.

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Brush up on your property knowledge or learn something new with a saving of 50% on all of JaeVee's online property courses.

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Investing in JaeVee involves risk, including loss of capital and illiquidity and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Investments made through JaeVee are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Please read our full risk warning before deciding to invest.

Capital at risk. Read our full risk warning.