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  2. How it Works

Our joint venture process mapped out from start to finish

#1 We Review Feasibility

Once our origination team locate suitable sites, our acquisitions team reviews the development feasibility so decide if it's one for us. If you’re a main contractor with a site you want us to look at, email the feasibility of your scheme along with the plans and your construction CV so we can review whether we wish to make an offer.

#2 Sign Up

If you’re a main contractor and we’ve decided we like the site you’ve suggested, you’re then required to create an introducer account via our online Affiliate platform to begin the process.

#3 We'll Handle The Proposal

We will submit the proposal on our platform in order for us to complete full due diligence.

#4 Proposal Review

We review the proposal and decide whether to accept, reject or request more information based on it’s viability. We work with you to put together the professional team needed to deliver your scheme.

#5 Agreement in Principle (AIP)

Once accepted, we issue an AIP to the vendor or agent to move towards acquiring the site.

#6 Set up SPV documents

An SPV is created to buy the site via our solicitors with a red book valuation, searches and initial report conducted.

#7 Purchase Completion

Once the survey, searches and report on title come back favourable, we complete on the purchase in the name of the newly formed SPV

#8 Pre-Construction Phase

Upon purchasing the property, we then progress the designs to RIBA Stage 3 and provide you with Employers Requirements detailing what you need to do. We also sign off on the professional team after successful assessment of their track records. From there, you enter into a JCT D&B contract with a schedule of amendments detailing your 10% of the development profits on the basis you deliver on time and to budget.

#9 Construction Phase

We oversee the construction phase in our role as project manager, with an independent third party acting as Employers Agent to protect our position throughout the monthly payment applications.

#10 Accounting & VAT Returns

We take care of the invoicing, expenses and VAT returns for the SPV, taking away all the things most property developers and housebuilders hate to do.

#11 Sales & Marketing

We help create and implement the sales and marketing plan in order to effectively reach the target market. We launch development marketing websites to secure the reservations digitally via the appointed sales agent.

#12 Achieving The Exit

We support you during the project close out phase to achieve the exit, which is hopefully on time and to budget so you can ensure 10% of the development profit on top of building the site for market construction rates!

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