How to Get into Property Head-On or On-The-Side

Last updated 10th August 2020 • JaeVee MarketingJaeVee

Getting Into Property, Investor, Property Developer

People that seamlessly stride into property do usually come from a background of building or brokering.

But what if you have no experience in the property market, no money or you’re young, at the age of 18 even, looking to get into property investment or development?

If you’re feeling held back, you may wonder: 

  • Are the best deals only struck with secret handshakes?
  • Can you be confident about the best price and negotiate?
  • How much of the profit would you lose out on without DIY or mates rates?
  • And ultimately, is it worth you considering now without all or any of the advantages?

Of course, because the property game is fair with a continual upward trend. It rises and falls for everyone in a diverse manner, you'll survive a trip so long as you don't try running before you can walk.

There’s a tried and practiced way to get into property and if you feel as though stumbling upon a wad of cash or a golden ticket is the only way forward, you’ll never make it.

And that’s because when you compare the time that it takes to save up for a mortgage to the time that property can then be used as an investment, you will not find that it requires a different kind of patience, commitment or grit. To begin with, it may just seem like long, hard work, but remember - the property game has made the most self-made millionaires. 

If you have these kind of virtues, do your research and learn, plan the steps and commit to them no matter how big or small they are, you should consider yourself in the property game even without assets, otherwise you are just being played.