Benefits of investing in Felixstowe as a regeneration area

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Benefits of investing in Felixstowe as a regeneration area

Felixstowe is a well known tourist hotspot, boasting a number of highly sought after attractions, most prominently its seaside treasures. Renowned for its Blue Flag quality sand and shingle beach, seaside attractions and long promenade which stretches from Landguard Point to Felixstowe Ferry, Felixstowe is certainly a popular destination for many. The beach itself is over four miles long, featuring a number of restaurants and cafes to dine in; a dream destination for any holiday goers. As if this list wasn’t already long enough, it is also now home to a sizable regeneration project… with many more on the way.

Not only does the stunning seafront give this location a lot of potential, but this area is also known as a regeneration area, making it ideal for investment.


Why is it good to invest in a regeneration area? 

A regeneration area is a location that is being revitalised through redevelopment and regeneration projects. These areas have usually been overlooked for these sorts of projects in the past.

The purpose of regeneration areas is to invest in the local communities and spaces thus resulting in a positive impact on the economy. Why is that? Well these investments increase employment opportunities, improve the environment and beautify the area, a win for all involved. With the ability to enhance social infrastructure and build upon the connections within neighbourhoods, improvements to an area will encourage more people to holiday or even move to these destinations, which in turn supports local businesses and boosts the local economy even further. 

As these regeneration areas become populated with new projects, the location becomes more desired. In turn, investors who jump on the new opportunities in these areas are likely to see a higher return on their investment due to a rising interest in the area created by the regeneration project. 

Developers looking to invest in a property can also reap the benefits of a regeneration area as these locations are often supported by the local government. The government can help fund these projects and provide tax incentives, therefore making it easier for developers to invest in a property.

The government will ‚Äčfacilitate regeneration projects ‚Äčin partnership with local charities and developers, again boosting the local economy. For the people looking to invest in these, this all helps to build trust around the development, making them the perfect development to invest in.


Is Felixstowe a regeneration area?

Felixstowe is recognised as a regeneration area with some major developments already underway. With the development of ‘Seashore Village’ which will feature 27 beach huts and a single storey hut which will be capable of being split into smaller rooms or pods for hire. There is also going to be work carried out in the South Seafront which will feature a new adventure park, table tennis area and outdoor places to sit and workout. 


Want to invest in Felixstowe? 

The development of Seashore Village will benefit the current Felixstowe developments we have to offer. These developments will bring with it new jobs and opportunities for the community. Touching upon our earlier point on making the location more desirable and helping the local economy.

Our current development is situated on a vacant land site with planning consent to construct 59 residential units with associated landscaping and external works along with 3 commercial units.

This development is part of the regeneration area in Felixstowe, and it will bring new homes consisting of 11 houses that benefit from new private road access and parking. As well as the erection of a building containing 48 flats over ground-floor commercial units. 

For more information on this great opportunity take a look at the property’s developments page.


If you missed the boat for these investment opportunities then don’t worry! We will have some more opportunities for investment in the Felixstowe area but we also have many other regeneration area investment opportunities available. To view our current developments, please visit our portfolio page or give us a call on 01603 973214 where our team will happily talk you through our current openings.