The Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Your Learning With JaeVee Right Now

The Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Your Learning With JaeVee Right Now

Last updated 9th December 2019 • Lois ArcariJaeVee

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Becoming a property developer - surely it needs more savvy than booksmarts?

Here at JaeVee, we believe that both training and experience is the winning combination that creates the best developers.

In this blog post, we’ll explain why we believe in the value of training with industry experts - and how our course provides an exciting opportunity to explore it at home.

Read on to learn more about our high value, stress free course:

1. Potential

What’s the number one reason to invest in your learning?

Well, from our perspective it’s all about potential.

Your potential.

The potential to grow a well informed workforce that can get Britain building and transform the property development industry.

Potential is too precious to waste.

If you’re weighing up your options, take a leap and invest in your future.

After all, sitting on the fence never changed the world.

It’s simple. You could regret the chance you never took…

Or, best case scenario, see your property development dreams thrive.

Why miss the chance to grow your know-how? Your business? Even change your life?

You could gain a varied and diverse portfolio that generates good returns.

Supplement your current income, give yourself a pension plan, or even earn a living to replace your day job.

That potential future... isn't it worth investing in?

If you think so, invest in your learning now.

2. Detailed information - served just how you like

We believe we’re only as successful as you are.

That’s why we put so much time and energy into our unique training platform.

Learn when you want, where you want and how you want.

Via text, video or audio format.

You can also create notes, work on exercise files and quizzes, and have your questions answered through our FAQ’s.

We’ll give you detailed information about:

  • The concept of a property developer and what it means to be one
  • The nature and outlook of the UK Housing Market
  • Strategy and ownership types
  • Examples of developments
  • And much more

3. Skills

We’ll give you the essential information.

But you are your own greatest asset.

We’ll use the skills you already have to want to work in property: resilience, dedication, and interest.

Then we’ll give you the resources to develop them to their very best.

During our course we’ll teach you:

Hard skills:

  • Understanding development strategies and ownership types
  • Understanding the UK property market
  • M2 to Ft2 calculations and vice versa -Decoding common acronyms
  • and more

Soft skills:

  • The dedication to manage your own learning
  • Managing your time between work, our course and having fun!
  • We’ll nurture the entrepreneurial mindset highly valued by employers.

4. Goals

We know no one’s better qualified to achieve your goals than you.

That’s why we leave the goal setting in your capable hands.

Our course simply provides the best possible way to achieve them.

Love your lifestyle goals

We all know money matters.

But what’s more important is what it allows you to do.

So, before you think about the bottom line, look at your lifestyle goals.

There’s no need to skip too far ahead - thinking about the next year or 2 is a great start.

What do you want your life to look like?

How do you want it to change?

How will getting into property make you prosper?

Financial goals

There are 3 main categories for financial goals:

  • Financial independence
  • Financial security
  • Financial freedom

Security allows you to cover the essentials.

Financial independence allows you to maintain your current lifestyle and gives you a degree of choice on how to spend.

Financial freedom - that’s the ticket to live the life of your dreams.

Why not brainstorm how much money you need to feel each of these?

You might be surprised at how modest it is.

Until it comes to your dreams.

And why not be ambitious?

Whether financial or lifestyle, here’s our favourite way to plan your goals:


  • Specific: Be ultra specific about what you want to accomplish. You don’t need to be hugely detailed. Just give yourself your core ideas of: who to involve in achieving the goal, what exactly it is you want to accomplish, a rough time frame of when you want it done, where if anywhere your goal is located, which obstacles you’ll need to overcome, and why you want to achieve it
  • Measurable: Think about how you’ll measure progress. What milestone tasks will you set?
    • Attainable: What can you do to make it more achievable? Are there any skills or pieces of information that you’ll need? Think about the tools and skills you’ll need to complete your goals. If you don’t have them yet, don’t worry. You can always build them - especially with our strategically tailored course!
  • Relevant: Think about how your development goals are relevant to your business or career. Think about why this sector is relevant to your life.
  • Time Based: Set target dates and realistic deadlines.

Next steps

You’ll be deeply connected to your most worthwhile goals.

Our course will outline the business strategies you can deploy for each of them.

Whether that’s getting a specific return on your cash, a target monthly income or a profit target.

Your goals are your gateway.

When you’re learning with us there’s no more ‘setting and forgetting.’

Participating in our specifically structured programme will allow you to keep on course.

5. Experience

Learning with experts clarifies the beginners stage.

You’ll dedicate yourself to learning the fundamentals of the course.

We’ll provide all the support you need through our FAQs, and feel free to contact us via email at:

With JaeVee at the helm, you can put in the hard work without ever having to go it alone.

Invest in your learning with JaeVee now to learn from leading experts in the property field.

We acts as a facilitator, asset and project manager between property developers, investors and senior debt lenders.

Kickstart your learning with those who have been there and done it, are still doing it and who have built successful portfolios.

There really is no better teacher than experience.

So sign up today.