The 4 Best Kept Secrets In Finding Property Development Opportunities

Last updated 18th September 2019 • Lois ArcariJaeVee

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Sourcing the perfect property development investment opportunities is a tough endeavour, but it’s also essential to getting a lucrative profit and a great reputation.

All property investors and developers want to know the secrets that will put them ahead of the competition when finding new opportunities that are hidden to all but the smartest of property experts.

We’ve compiled our top 4 most valuable hidden property development investment opportunities to diversify your portfolio with power.

Nimbus maps

You might be scratching your head at this one, but Nimbus Maps doesn’t have anything to do with Dumbledore.

Instead this is one of the most comprehensive search platforms for developers and investors in the UK.

Tried, tested and trusted by the industry, this offers a database of Ownership, Planning, Availability, Due Diligence, Company Structure and Off-Market site searching - providing practically everything you’d ever need to know about property investment and development opportunities all in one place.

If you still want more proof of the site’s reliability, it uses multiple data sources that have been verified as some of the best in the business, including: the Ordnance Survey, VOA, Environment Agency, Companies House, DEFRA and Experian.

Think infill

Infill, or spaces within residential developments that have been left unused, such as laundries and garages, offer huge opportunities.

This strategy is particularly favored by councils and private developers alike in London, so it's a good sign that this property development investment strategy will soon be adopted cross country.

Infill refurbishment is a great opportunity to tackle the housing crisis, without having to commit a whole area to redevelopment.

This strategy also offers opportunities to develop on disused roads and office sites - unlocking these ‘hidden homes’ might be the key to unlocking your own property development potential.

Properties with prior planning permission

Okay, so we know it might sound obvious, but bear with us.

Using a property with planning permission that isn’t currently being advertised on the market will provide extra protection to your investment, whilst cutting through the costs and hassle of obtaining planning permission.

It means you’re empowered to work out your forecasted profits from an already reliable position.

Because these pre-primed properties are harder to find, sourcing one of these rare gems is a great way to find property development investment opportunities that will prove an excellent asset to your portfolio.

The competition for such properties is low, so you won’t be pitted against amateurs - you’ll just prove a great example of how property investment is done with savvy.

When looking for these, you’ll have to be careful.

Check out all of the specifics of the permitted planning permission, so that you don’t fall into any traps like adding a conversion type that hasn’t been permitted.

You’ll also need to check how long the planning permission was secured for, and how long ago - so you don’t get caught out in the middle of conversion.

Industrial properties

Industrial properties can seem like a scary option for residential developers and investors.

But you shouldn’t fear this growing opportunity.

As an area where amateur investors and developers will probably be too scared to dabble in, industrial property provides a whole host of opportunity without the threat of competitors.

And it’s easier to do than you might have first thought.

The government’s permitted development (PD) regulations changed all the way back in October 2017 to allow for conversion from light industrial units into residential developments, using the prior approval process.

This is a step in the right direction to bridge the gap of the housing shortfall, and breathe new life into old properties that might have been sitting on the market for years.

Converting industrial buildings will provide a win win situation for the area, its residents - and you!

Still need some persuading?

These stunning conversions might provide you with the inspiration to kick start this property development investment strategy.

Top tip - find opportunities everywhere

Property might seem like a crowded game, with every viable plot of land or property snapped up by another investor or developer before you can even get a look in.

But if you’re clever and confident enough to break the mould and look for opportunities wherever you find yourself, then you’re already halfway there to becoming the property development or investment expert you know you can be.

It’s all about researching outside the lines, finding areas with great potential before they become over saturated and turning potential threats into opportunities - just like UK investors advise to do with the cheaper properties Brexit provides the market with.

If you look hard enough, you can even find opportunities on your very own street!

Be on the lookout for new land and developments, hunker down to research up and coming areas, and track the progress of local developments.

Think big and be comfortable with taking calculated risks that could pay off with great capital gains or rental yield.

When you think you’ve found some great property development investment opportunities, why not contact the team here at JaeVee?

We’d love to hear from you to help turn your property dreams into a profitable reality.

Please note, this blog post is not to be considered as investment advice. We recommend you seek independent financial advice and conduct your own due diligence before making any investment.