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SPV1031 | 64 Units | Sell For Profit Strategy

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Property Summary

The property is currently a vacant care home located in Brightlingsea. The property is currently being demolished by the vendor so the land will be purchased with no buildings on site allowing for construction to commence sooner. The proposed development comprises:

  • 64 en-suite bedrooms to form a large care home development.
  • Onsite amenities including cafe / Piano Lounge, lounges, salon and dining rooms.
  • Onsite Management 24/7.

The developer, Estateducation, already owns and operates a 16 bedroom care home in Norwich under their operator brand, White and Sterling. This development will be operated by White and Sterling as well.

What makes Brightlingsea perfect for this type of development is location. Brightlingsea is an idyllic village surrounded by nature and countryside however it is also in close proximity to larger areas such as Colchester. This makes it ideal as a care home as there will be a large number of carers and staff who live in the urban areas, however the quaint and idyllic landscape of Brightlingsea is perfect for care home residents.

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Exit Strategy

Your exit strategy for this investment is to sell your shares to an institutional investor at the end of the 36 month hold, when the care home will possess 24 months worth of trading history.

Your return on investment is based on both the sale of your shares in the care home (the uplift in value in share values once it’s built and established) along with a 24 months of dividends generated from operating the care home for 24 months (once it’s been built).

Investors returns are therefore broken down as follows: uplift from developing the property which results in a 58.65% ROI along with two yearly dividends which is 29.32% per year. As a result the total ROI is projected to be 120.45%.

Investors returns are therefore broken down as follows:

  • Uplift in value of share values once it’s built and established - 61.81% ROI +
    • 24 months of dividends paid quarterly - 29.32% per annum x 2 = 58.65% ROI

As a result the total ROI is projected to be 120.45%.

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Operational Delivery

The developer and operator behind this project already possesses a track record in operating care homes through their White & Sterling brand.

White & Sterling offer a luxury all inclusive package to residents which gives them the best level of service and care for them to enjoy their retirement.

Each resident will be given the following:

  • Fully furnished bedroom
  • En-suite bathroom
  • 24hr Health Care Monitoring
  • Upkeep of Gardens & Grounds
  • All utilities
    • Full Laundry Service

The new site at Brightlingsea will have an onsite Cafe / Piano Lounge along with a Salon and multiple lounges and dining rooms.

There will be an onsite management team with staff on site 24/7.

White & Sterling is undertaking an ambitious expansion to grow its portfolio up to 600 care rooms over the next 36 months.

With such a large portfolio, White & Sterling positions itself as a major regional operator of care thus making it attractive for an institutional fund to acquire the portfolio.

This provides further comfort with your proposed exit of selling your shares after month 36.

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