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Property Summary

The Burlington Hotel, sited at the junction of Holt Road and Weybourne Road, is conveniently located near to the town centre of Sheringham, yet is a stones throw from the coastline, which overlooks the North Sea. The former hotel, built in 1899, is arranged over six floors and has the intricate architectural features associated with the Victorian period.The building has imposing and detailed North and East elevations, comprising of traditional Norfolk red brick in lime mortar, rubbed and gauged brick lintels, arched window heads at upper ground floor level with Lime or Portland stone detail embellishment with window cill and string coursing, quoining and key- stones to the arched openings to the front elevation. All windows and doors throughout are traditional painted timber joinery with sash- windows throughout. The roof is constructed with red roof tiles, with grand chimney stacks framing the white dormer windows installed periodically along the front elevation. It has a Gross Internal Area of 1880 m sq which comprises of over 50 rooms.

The Hotel was originally built to accommodate the booming tourist industry which was revolutionised by the introduction of the railway in Britain. Similar Hotels built in the area are The Grand Hotel, supplied the demand for wealthy middle and upper class Londoners travelling to enjoy the sea air. Sheringham remains a popular tourist location in the present day, however consumer demand has switched to smaller guest houses, which offer cheaper and comfortable accommodation. The owner decided to close the Hotel due to their retirement, allowing an exciting new opportunity for Norfolk Property Developers.

The fourth floor of the building already contains 3 residential apartments. Planning permission PF/14/0887 approves the partial demolition of the hotel and erection of six residential apartments and single storey rear extension, this planning permission has already been implemented. Planning permission PF_97_0888 approves the change of use from hotel rooms on second and third floors to eight self contained residential flats, which has also already been implemented to keep the approval relevant.

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Construction Progress

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Exit Strategy

The exit strategy is the sale of the individual units on the open market. Being that there is a large demand for people to retire in Sheringham, North Norfolk we deem a number of apartments will be sold to the over 55 market. An alternative option is to apply for a variation in the planning permission by providing assisted living on site to further enhance the forecasted GDV. The current sold comparables for similar purpose built luxury retirement & assisted living developments are very strong and this could potentially be a way of further increasing the GDV.

The analysis of the forecasted GDV showing the sold comparables that form the said amount are listed within the investment prospectus which you can download via the documents section above.

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Sales Performance

Unit Type Area Proposed Price Sale Price Uplift Status
1 3 Bed Sea View Apt 137.50m2 £450,000 £500,000 11.1% Reserved
2 3 Bed Garden Apt 109.00m2 £450,000 £450,000 0.0% Available
3 2 Bed Sea View Apt 84.20m2 £375,000 £400,000 6.7% Agreed
4 3 Bed Ballroom Apt 121.00m2 £400,000 £500,000 25.0% Agreed
5 2 Bed Sea View Apt 87.80m2 £335,000 £375,000 11.9% Agreed
6 2 Bed Sea View Apt 61.10m2 £295,000 £325,000 10.2% Agreed
7 2 Bed Sea & Town View Apt with high ceilings 61.10m2 £250,000 £325,000 30.0% Reserved
8 2 Bed Golf Course View Apt with high ceilings 61.70m2 £270,000 £325,000 20.4% Available
9 2 Bed Sea View Apt 70.50m2 £285,000 £325,000 14.0% Agreed
10 2 Bed Sea & Town View Apt 61.00m2 £275,000 £325,000 18.2% Agreed
11 2 Bed Sea & Town View Apt 60.30m2 £260,000 £325,000 25.0% Reserved
12 2 Bed Golf Course View Apt 61.50m2 £280,000 £325,000 16.1% Available
13 2 Bed Sea View Apt 66.40m2 £285,000 £325,000 14.0% Agreed
14 2 Bed Sea View Apt 61.00m2 £280,000 £325,000 16.1% Agreed
15 2 Bed Sea & Town View Apt 60.40m2 £270,000 £325,000 20.4% Agreed
16 2 Bed Golf Course View Apt 61.50m2 £280,000 £325,000 16.1% Available
17 2 Bed Sea View Apt 66.50m2 £285,000 £325,000 14.0% Agreed
18 2 Bed Sea & Town View Apt 70.20m2 £300,000 £325,000 8.3% Agreed
19 2 Bed Sea & Town View Apt 79.00m2 £320,000 £325,000 1.6% Agreed
20 1 Bed Sea View Apt 50.10m2 £275,000 £280,000 1.8% Available
21 1 Bed Sea View Patio Apt 84.72m2 £275,000 £300,000 9.1% Reserved
22 2 Bed Large Terrace Apt 167.75m2 £350,000 £375,000 7.1% Reserved
23 3 Bed Sea View 2 Balconies Apt 152.76m2 £550,000 £550,000 0.0% Reserved
24 3 Bed Sea View 2 Balconies Apt 152.76m2 £560,000 £560,000 0.0% Reserved
25 3 Bed Sea View 2 Balconies Apt 152.76m2 £570,000 £570,000 0.0% Reserved
26 4 Bed Sea View Duplex Penthouse 259.48m2 £1,000,000 £1,000,000 0.0% Reserved
    Total: £9,525,000 £10,410,000 9.3%  

The above table shows the original proposed price, forecasted as part of our investment memorandum, and the actual sales price. The uplift column identifies whether we sold the dwelling for more than originally forecasted. On average, for this particular development, we have achieved an uplift in sales values of 9.3%

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Further Information

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