March Product Updates And Improvements

March Product Updates And Improvements

Last updated 11th April 2019 • Ethan MathewsJaeVee

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March's improvements were extensive, with many rewarding changes made. Improving our site speed was of a high priority, especially with improving the experience for those visiting our website through mobile.

You should now be able to navigate our website significantly faster, as well as enjoying a more user friendly blog page design.

Other improvements we focused on making were added features for developers and investors, all of which can be found in the list below.

Site speed

  • Website speed - Improved across all devices, with a focus on mobile optimisation.

  • Blog page redesign - Now more user friendly, improvements have been made with mobile in mind.

  • Image load time - No more lengthy waiting for images to load, images are now loaded based on jobs.

  • Image format - Alterations made in our back-end to reduce and compile images for the correct format.

Works program updates

  • Automatic notifications - Developers are notified when a new works update is required.

  • Submitting documents - Developers can now submit their images and documentation through the platform.

  • Validation notification - Investors are notified once we have validated the new update.

Investor platform

  • Investor dashboard redesign - Redesign to the investor dashboard, with a new account management section.

  • Bank accounts - Investors can now add bank accounts they own to their accounts.

  • Transferring funds - Investors can also withdraw funds to their newly added bank accounts.

  • Updated questions - ┬áChanges have been made to the appropriateness test questions, to make them more understandable to investors.

Project updates

  • Document attachments - When investors receive project updates via email, they can receive documents too.

Upcoming updates

  • A revamp of the investor portfolio dashboard.