JaeVee's Second Birthday!

JaeVee's Second Birthday!

Last updated 12th February 2020 • Ethan MathewsJaeVee

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Another year complete. To celebrate the anniversary of our launch date two years ago, we're delving into some accomplishments from the past year.

We've had:

JaeVee's second birthday stats

Figures we're more than proud of! We've also had some momentous releases over these last 12 months - the biggest of which you can see here

Online learning platform

A learning experience tailored to your needs:

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Test your knowledge
  • Learn how you want
  • Take notes on the fly
  • Support on demand
  • Monitor your progress
  • Regular updates

Introducer platform

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Earn a living by introducing developers and investors

  • Introduce both developers & investors
  • Fixed 1% reward for developers & investors
  • No reward cap
  • All systemised

For anything you're unsure of, you might find your answer in our FAQs.

New 50% funding model

Shares in the SPV are divided into a 50/40/10 split:

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  • 50% is allocated to the developer
  • 40% is allocated for investors
  • 10% is allocated to JaeVee

We act as the employers agent, facilitator, asset and project manager for the length of the project under this model.


  1. Shareholders Agreement
  2. Investment Opportunity
  3. Development Agreement
  4. Equity

And it's only getting bigger!

Throughout 2020 we'll be aiming for even more projects & even greater achievements!

As always, an incredible thank you to all of our clients over the past year who've made this last year such a great success. We can't wait to see what the next will bring!

Other notable releases

  • Creation of investor portfolio
  • Creation of development calculator for developers
  • New dashboard for investors and ability to manage bank accounts
  • Created systemised document submission and validation process for developers
  • Website speed improvements & blog page redesign
  • Streamlined payment improvements
  • Systemised project updates
  • Refining of company model to serve our clients more efficiently
  • Further improvements to corporate governance and system security
  • Regular project updates for investors, where they can ask questions throughout the platform
  • Fresh property related content for our blog

Capital at Risk. Investments in property are highly illiquid and you must be prepared to hold your investment for the full term. Investments available on the JaeVee website are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.