Investing In Property Online - Is It That Simple?

Investing In Property Online - Is It That Simple?

Last updated 12th March 2019 • Ethan MathewsJaeVee

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With many retirees now looking at the prospect of taking a big chunk of their pension as a lump sum, they, along with other astute investors, will be ideally placed to put their windfall to work for them through property investment.

While there are more than enough pitfalls awaiting those with little or no experience in the property market, one up and coming investment model is already showing a great deal of promise.

Online property investment, especially in the form of crowdfunding or multi-investor programs which has taken off at a pace in the last few years.

Affordable property investment

Whereas multi-million-pound property investments were once the exclusive domain of “those in the know” and investors that had access to huge amounts of capital, these days, they are open to all.

Operating much in the same way as conventional crowdfunding, these programs welcome investments of a few thousand pounds upwards and many of them also predict an outstanding ROI (return on investment).

So how does it work?

From full-scale renovations and conversions of large buildings to brand new residential developments, more and more projects are being marketed to online investors.

Using online platforms that handle everything from providing individual financing and project access to education and user tools, even investors that are new to property can invest with confidence.

Whether you wish to invest in and solely own individual properties or join a large joint program, these platforms provide everything you need in one convenient place.

Who benefits from online property investment?

Whatever else is going on with the UK economy, property always has and most likely always will provide a robust investment medium.

Whether you as an investor choose to work with existing funds or turn to finance, investment property continues to represent some of the best returns on investment available in the UK.

Virtually everyone in the process is likely to benefit in what is essentially a win, win scenario. You the investor win in the most obvious way through your returns in either rent or resale profit while the project owners and financiers also win through return on their capital and interest earned on lending.

Even the end users win through either purchasing or renting quality accommodation.

KIS – Keeping it simple with online property investment

While new property investment schemes continue to pop up faster than mushrooms in a wet forest, many “standalone” projects are unlikely to offer the simplicity that online property investment in its truest form does.

Discerning investors will be quick to spot that a modern property investment platform offers them both diversity and ease of use with everything they need to “make it happen” virtually at their fingertips.

The best of these platforms operate in a way that takes much of the complex and time-consuming work out of the process so that you are free to carry on making the most of your investment.

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Please note, this blog post is not to be considered as investment advice. We recommend you seek the advice of an independent financial advisor and conduct your own due diligence before making any investment.