Skills You Need To Become A Property Developer

Last updated 12th June 2020 • JaeVee MarketingJaeVee

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You've watched the right programmes, you’ve read all the blogs and now you feel that you can make the leap into property development. But, what skills do you really need to become a property developer?


You really do need the skill of multitasking as the likelihood is that you will be spinning a few plates at the same time when managing a property development project.

Keep Calm

Do you worry? Or get stressed easily? One of the main skills you need to become a property developer is that you can keep a cool head during high pressure situations. Never get too high, or too low.


Do you have a basic handle on numbers? A key skill in becoming a property developer is to keep the numbers in check and be able to produce various financial reports on expenses to the relevant parties.


Filling a form out may not seem like a skill, but realising the legalities and obtaining the correct forms for licences and planning permissions is.


You will likely need to communicate with a number of people - good management skills are essential.


Fancy yourself a budding salesperson? Or a marketing whizz? You will certainly needs these skills in becoming a property developer because ultimately you will need to sell or rent properties to achieve exit strategies.

Project Management

You may need to oversee a number of projects from renovations to expenses and much more so it can be essential that you have the skills to project manage. You will also need to be a team player and work well with others.


When you get paid do you spend it all in a day? Or are you a keen saver? Being able to control your finances, keep to budget and keep track of your expenses is a necessary skill in becoming a property developer.

Hard work

It goes without saying that one of the fundamental skills of property development is hard work. Long hours both on and off site and sometimes in conjunction with your other obligations as well.


You will certainly need to demonstrate some entrepreneurial skills should you choose to go into property development, an understanding of the economic market and some business savvy too.

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