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What rights do I have as a shareholder and what matters can shareholders vote on?

As a shareholder, you have certain rights attached to each share. These are set out in the Articles of Association for each SPV. Each share carries one vote and investors will receive detailed and advanced notice of any shareholders’ meetings or written resolutions that investors are welcome to attend or vote on.

There are other votes, such as the approval of a prospective tenant, or to agree a revised exit plan. These are conducted electronically and the deadline is clearly specified. Can I transfer to one particular person such as a friend or family member?

Yes! In order to do so, the individual you are sending shares to must sign-up to the JaeVee, pass the appropriateness test and if required, provide ID. Once their account is all set up, simply email with the following details; the email address of the user, the shares you would like to transfer and the price of the shares.

It’s important to note that if the share cost is more than £1,000 then Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) will also need to be paid. Once you have emailed our support team, they will provide you with details of any amounts that need to be added. Once added, they will be redeemed so that the transfer of shares can be completed.

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