How It Works

We regularly launch a range of unique and diverse property investment opportunities, which have been pre-approved by our investment analyst team, allowing you to build an investment portfolio with just the click of a button; anytime, anywhere.

Before choosing your preferred investment, you will see the property details, the investment and exit strategy, the team behind it, the due diligence and underwriting feedback, the financials, the documents, and the plans.

Thereafter, you can invest from £5,000 up to £1,000,000+, it's up to you. Each investment is structured in an individual limited company.

Upon investing, you will become a shareholder of the company, with control assured via a shareholders agreement.

You will recieve share of any return, wether it's the income, capital growth, or sales profit in relation to your investment. Your exit is upon the property developer achieving the exit strategy set from the outset, and if there are any complications JaeVee steps in and ensures it's achieved.

Property Investment Revolution

JaeVee has created the world's first one and only facilitator, asset and project manager between property developers, investors and senior debt lenders



Share monthly income

Share monthly income


Recieve sales profit

It helps property developers find and fund 100% of the property investments they source, it helps investors make their returns they wouldn't normally make on their own (without compromising on security and control) and it helps senior debt lenders back only the most profitable investments in a variety of accommodation sectors.

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JaeVee Explained

JaeVee Explained


Property Developer Explained

Property Developer

Investor Explained


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We're Transparent About Our Fees

Rental income from tenanted properties is paid into your nominated account each month, after collection. When the exit strategy is to sell or re-finance the property (to release the capital back), you recieve your share of any capital growth (profit) upon the property or properties being sold.

Developers InterestDevelopers interest

JaeVee's revolutionary model works because we're allowing the property development entrepreneurs of today to build new homes and rental portfolios via a joint venture between ourselves and your capital.

Naturally, those property developers need to be incentivised so they too are a shareholder of the company, with their duties controlled via the shareholders agreement. They hold 40% of the company and in some circumstances where the property is being rented, there will be a management fee of 10%+VAT deducted from the monthly rent. This is to allow the developer or the appointed property manager to manage the property and handle all the headache on our behalf. Again, all our projected returns are shown net of fees so your forecasted returns will have already taken these costs into account.

Fundraise FeeFundraise Fee

This 5% fee covers the cost of raising funds, extensive due dilidence, deal structuring, compliance and corperate governance, and marketing. The fee is added to the total acquisition costs and forms 5% of any investment you make.

Profit ShareProfit share

Our fees are tied directly to the success of your investment so we only get paid if the property successfully achieves its exit strategy therefore making it a win win for all parties. 20% of the net capital growth or rental income is paid to JaeVee either at the end of the investment term or during (if rented). Remember, all our projected returns are shown net of fees and other known costs including corporation tax. As each project is held in a separate SPV, corporation tax will be payable which is displayed on the feasibility study prior to you investing.

Other CostsOther Costs

As with all property investments, there may be unforeseen costs but we do our best to mitigate these, including utilising the boost fund. The boost fund is 1% of the purchase price of the property which is held within the SPV bank account. Again, this fund is already taken into account thus not affecting the projected returns to you.

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Investing in JaeVee involves risk, including loss of capital and illiquidity and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Investments made through JaeVee are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Please read our full risk warning before deciding to invest.

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