Introduce experienced property developers looking for joint venture equity partners

JaeVee actively works with professionals looking to introduce experienced property developers looking to joint venture with us on their projects.

We offer a referral program that offers remuneration to introducers for all the property development projects we successfully set up for joint ventures.

Whether you’re a finance broker, architect, planner or someone in the know; should you have a property developer with a project that needs equity funding we’d love to hear from you.

Upon referring a property developer to us, we will enter into an introducer agreement whereby upon successful completion of the purchase we will remunerate you a commission rate of 1% of the total facility amount.

How does it work?

The total facility amount is deemed as a combination of the both the land loan (purchase price) and build loan (construction cost). An example being purchasing a property for £500,000 with the construction cost being £500,000. The remuneration due to you would be 1% of £1,000,000 - being £10,000.

Register as an introducer, introduce a client and receive 1% of the total facility amount.

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