The 4 Hidden Places To Look For Property Development Opportunities

Last updated 05/09/2018

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Every property developer wants to know the magic formula to sourcing new and lucrative property development opportunities that yield the best returns. Here are the 4 hidden places to look for property development opportunities, and who knows it may just lead you to your best one yet!

Properties with planning permission

Sounds obvious, as one with planning permission allows you to work out the forecasted profits whilst de-risking your investment. It’s not so much the planning itself, but how to find those with planning permission not currently being advertised on the market. Those gems don’t tend to have much competition so you’re not competing with homes under the hammer wannabe property developers or wantrepreneurs as some might call them.

Nimbus Maps

This is one of the most comprehensive, cloud-based off-market site search and platform in the UK. Nimbus Maps saves you time and money by bringing together Ownership, Planning, Availability, Due Diligence, Company Structure and Off-market Site Searching. The platform uses multiple data sources the whole property industry trusts and relies upon: Ordnance Survey, VOA, Environment Agency, Companies House, DEFRA, and Experian.

Industrial Properties

Back in October 2017, there was a change in planning permitted development (PD) regulations which meant that light industrial units could be converted into residential properties using the prior approval process. This is a very new and hidden property development opportunity that not many have heard about, but one that should be explored nevertheless with the correct experts to guide you along the way.


Hidden property development opportunities really are everywhere, down your road, on that new piece of land you spotted on the way home from work and even that ‘up and coming’ development on the way out of town. All you need to do is get a handle on the basics of what people want in your area and the demand for it and you may just be onto something. Don’t rule out what may not seem a plausible idea at first such as commercial property, or even building from the ground up from scratch! If you believe you have found a good development idea then we at JaeVee want to hear from you, contact us today and see how we and turn your idea into a property development gold mine!

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