10 Skills Every Property Developer Must Have

Last updated 24th September 2018 • Ethan MathewsJaeVee

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There are lots of values and attributes that a property developer must have to be successful in this field.

From being able to manage efficiently, to grasping the numbers and being able to assess risk, just to name a few.

Here are 10 skills that every property developer must have.


One of the skills you will need as a property developer is that you must be able to communicate clearly, as you will be working with a number of people.


Another one of the 10 skills that every property developer must have is organisation. You will be in charge of multiple projects and developments at any one time.


From estate agents, to mortgage lenders and builders you must have great negotiating skills to obtain the best deal.

Keeping a Calm Head

There will be a number of high pressure situations that you will find yourself as a property developer, and a key skill to have is to keep a cool head in these scenarios.


One of the 10 skills every property developer must have is to have a grasp on the numbers as you will need to keep to a budget and communicate about finance projections to other parties too.

Team Work

Being a property developer means working in a team whether it be with another investor, with tradesmen, third parties and estate agents. Being a team player is a skill that every property developer must have.

Hard Work

Property developers work very hard, some will also have a full time job and therefore work in the evenings or at the weekends.

A skill that every property developer must have is hard work.


It is important to have the skills to navigate your way around legalities and for filing, such as planning permission.


Marketing is a skill that a property developer must have. You will need this when it comes to selling the house or putting the house up for rent.


It is important that you can take some risk and hold your nerve especially when new opportunities present themselves. They probably won't be around forever!

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